History of changes

There were numerous changes, here are only the more important things.

Version 4.66 ( - CURRENT VERSION - )

(Release date: 2023-12-20)

  • Fixed problem with network paths in Save-As dialog>
  • Fix for text alignment in Insert Text dialog (selection/canvas)
  • SVG PlugIn loading bugs fixed (thanks to nerty_nerty of WHS WWW Team)
  • Download newest PlugIns version from:

Version 4.65

(Release date: 2023-12-09)

  • Option for Dark mode: Properties->Viewing (works best with Windows 10/11)
    (thanks to Richard Yu, Stephen Eckels, adzm)
  • New option in Insert Text dialog: Text rotation (90 deg for vertical text)
  • New in Slideshow dialog: Option to set different time for each file
    (new button: "Change time" for selected files)
  • "Paste into Selection": Second paste (CTRL+V) will also apply the image
  • New Hotkey after "Paste into selection":
    SHIFT + Click within selection: Apply pasted image and keep selection
  • New Edit menu: Apply image effects to inverted selection (non-selected area)
  • New option in Properties->Editing: Set custom filename for pasted image
  • Option to read XMP data in the IPTC dialog (thanks to Lee Thomason)
  • New Histogram effects in Effects Browser dialog (thanks to Richard Heurtley)
  • Improved support for tabs in text in Insert Text dialog (CTRL + Tab)
  • New PlugIn for AVIF format
  • The Replace File dialog shows preview of both images
  • The Fine Rotation dialog can be resized
  • New in Fine Rotation dialog: draw a straight line to rotate
  • The Histogram dialog can be resized (Local dark mode using right button)
  • Slideshow/Automatic mode will suspend system sleep while running
  • Command line: "/append" will append all pages from the input file (if "/page" option is not used)
  • SVG PlugIn loading bugs fixed (thanks to nerty_nerty of WHS WWW Team)
  • JP2 PlugIn loading bug fixed (CVE-2023-26974, thanks to overXsky)
  • Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions:

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